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OKPOL - polish company with over 29 years of experience in the field of roof windows production.
The company's offices and production plant are located in Skarbimierz - Osiedle Gmina (Commune), Opole Province.

In the past, in 1939, the area used to serve as a German Luftwaffe airport and after 1945 - as the greatest Soviet air base in Poland.
In 2012, the company implemented the Okpol Innovation programme, which implied opening our own research laboratory, modernising the machinery and implementing the innovative woodwork structure.


Thanks to the restructuring process, Okpol ranked second among roof windows manufacturers in Poland offering highest quality products. At present, the plant features 18,500 m2 of production halls and the development plans provide for further expansion and investment in new technology.

In 2015 the offer will be enriched by new wooden roof windows with better insulation.

The fully reversible wooden windows now feature the innovative Super Thermo Technology with an improved energy-saving factor for the entire window without using additional thermal units. Depending on the model, the U-value of the windows is: 0.79, 0.83, 0,91, 1.0, 1,06, 1.2 , 1.3 W/m2K.

The Super Thermo Technology is also planned to be implemented in the PVC windows.

The high quality of the products is confirmed by attestations, certificates and diplomas that are presented to the best window manufacturers.

OKPOL products are durable, reliable and easy to operate.

Our wide offer of different products will match the needs and requirements of the most demanding clients.

Our windows come with the 10-year warranty as standard.

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