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Allux™ is the exclusive Irish brand of thermally broken aluminium window and door systems developed by MBC Project.

No matter how large or small the project, we have an aluminium solution to suit your needs. From bi-folding doors for your new extension or curtain walling for a commercial office contract, we have a solution for you. Call us today or use our easy contact form and we will get back to you.

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Aluprof 104 passive window and door syst


Thanks to its excellent thermal performance, the thermally broken window and door system Allux 104 Passive meets all the requirements for the components used in passive buildings. This was confirmed by certificates granted by the Passive House Institute Darmstadt. This system is intended for fabrication of external structure elements such as various types of windows, doors, shop fronts and spatial structures, which are highly resistant and characterized by excellent water & air tightness, and thermal & acoustic insulation performance.

aluprof mb 86.jpg


Allux 86 - Allux 86 - Allux 86US

This highly efficient window and door system meets the diverse needs of users. The system's profiles have been designed in 3 versions depending on the requirements of thermal energy savings: ST, SI and AERO. MB-86 is the world's first aluminium window and door system to use aerogel – a highly thermally-insulated material.

Highly resistant profiles are yet another advantage of MB-86 system – they allow for producing large-size and heavy structures. Also, MBC Project offers a version for windows with concealed sash MB-86US as well as a thermally broken, outward opening window system – the MB-86 Casement.


This system of high quality window and door profiles with thermal break are applicable where the more severe standards for acoustic and thermal insulation are required. The slim profiles with minimum visible width are not only contributing to the aesthetics of your home, but also to a maximum incidence of light.

The Max Light system is available in different style varieties: ‘Modern’, ‘Steel’, ‘Design’ and 'Invisible'. That’s why there is always a solution for every project, be it renovation or new construction. For more information you can contact one of our Sales Advisors


This lift & slide patio door system provides an elegant and functional solution to open up the space. Remarkably light and easy to use, it is one of the most popular sliding door systems in Europe.

The smart design of profiles in Allux 77 Slide allows us to reach sizes generally unachievable by most suppliers. Whether it's unusual height, width or both, we are sure to have a solution for it.

With its highly-advanced thermal insulation, this product is also suitable for energy-efficient buildings.

aluprof 86mm bi-fold door system

Exterior folding doors offers greater flexibility to its users. It enables us to use weather conditions to our advantage and virtually eliminate the barrier between the interior space and its surroundings.


Such door can perfectly combine the interior space (home, café, restaurant) with the terrace or the outside area that is used seasonally.

With its excellent technical parameters, MBC86 FOLD LINE is a very convenient solution that enables the fabrication of large-dimension structures.


Folding doors can be opened both outwards and inwards and its leaves can be freely configured. It’s a modern product, designed to meet the high demands of users, architects and owners.

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