About MBC Project

Here at MBC Project we believe that quality is the key to success in any industry. That is why we only provide the highest quality products from top European manufacturers. We are the official exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for excellent brands: Oknoplast, KABE, Stone Master. We have been operating in the UK and Irish markets since 2008, always staying up-to-date with new technological developments and innovative solutions or even being promoters of such.
We want to make sure that our contractors are qualified to deliver high quality services to homeowners, so we monitor and support all contractors on a job by job basis, which ensures this level of quality. Our aim is to provide energy efficient solutions to prevent heat loss in British and Irish homes and cut heating costs by up to 40% with the KABE THERM insulation system as well as highly energy-efficient windows and doors from Oknoplast, Eurostyl and Mar-Tom.
We are a technical distributor of materials approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) and the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI). The products we offer and our internal technical procedures have also been certified by the audit of Quality Assured National Warranties (QANW).
MBC Project supports sustainable building by providing not only the highest quality products but also professional and reliable technical support to all contractors and architects.

About KABE

KABE FARBEN- KARL BUBENHOFER AG is a Swiss company developed from a painters’ supply business, which produces finish and protection materials for building surfaces (i.e. paints, external wall insulation systems, building chemicals etc.) It was established as a manufacturer in 1926 in Gossau, Switzerland by Karl Bubenhofer. From that date, it has sustained its family character. Thanks to its committing to tradition and innovation, KABE products and system solutions used on construction sites continue to play a major role in modern construction.
KABE's proud history and its entrepreneurial confidence and activities - which are based on 100 years of commercial success and maturing values and standards - creates a wide range of coating solutions (plasters, paints etc) that will not only satisfy even the most demanding customer’s taste and requirements, but will also withstand the rigors of the future. That quality and competence in facade coating systems combined in the best way to achieve the highest building standards offer excellent protection against weather conditions and guarantee long lasting functionality of the building envelope.
KABE THERM is the second oldest insulation system in Europe and achieves the desired thermal perfomance at a competitive cost. The system also offers the extraordinary polisilicate finish coat NOVALIT patented by KABE that can last at least twice as long as any other finish coat on the market.

About Oknoplast

Oknoplast was founded in 1994 and has since established itself as a market leader in PVC windows & doors. Through continuous investment in Research & Development, the manufacturer always stays current on the most advanced technology and ensures that the windows produced by Oknoplast can be described as modern and innovative.

The Oknoplast Group operates within the premium segment. Among the group portfolio there are exterior PVC windows and doors, window blinds and variety of accessories. The company has also started production of its own windowpane units. As one of few entities the Oknoplast Group offers its own solutions available solely under their own brands. Group products use advanced solutions with reference to energy saving and the highest accuracy, as well as unique aesthetics-related details. Windows and doors manufactured by the Oknoplast Group meet the highest quality and environmental standards.

The Oknoplast Group has won multiple prestigious prizes and awards, e.g. National Champion during the European Awards (2014/2015) contest and ”Polish Company – International Champion” (2013).

The headquarters of the Oknoplast Group are situated in Ochmanów near Kraków, Poland. The company currently employs 1,500 workers.


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